Yadir G. Reynoso

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Wapakoneta, WA

Branch of Service: U.S. Marine Corps

Rank: Sergeant

Sergeant Yadir G. Reynoso joined the Marine Corps after graduating from high school and served for eight years. He persevered after early trouble to become an excellent Marine. Reynoso was a former high school wrestler who loved challenges and served honorably, no matter what he did.

Looking at his uniform in the mirror after graduating from boot camp, Yadir said, “I used to be a boy. Now I can confirm I’ve become a man.” Lean and heavily tattooed, he was only dangerous on the battlefield. Reynoso would take money out of his own pocket to pay for a stranger’s grocery bill. He had the strength to do anything.

Sergeant Reynoso posthumously received the Silver Star Medal for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His squad engaged a reinforced platoon-sized enemy unit at close range and was pinned down by heavy rocket-propelled grenade and AK-47 fire. Reynoso threw a fragmentation grenade and eliminated three insurgents, then directed fires from an AT-4 rocket team, eliminating another four. Sergeant Reynoso was mortally wounded while providing suppressive fire against the enemy to enable his squad to maneuver against the enemy.

Age: 27

Date of Death: August 05, 2004

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