November 30, 2022

Veterans Day Appreciation

The Wallace Middle School in Hays CISD (Kyle, Texas), held its 5th annual Veterans Day ceremony to honor and recognize our nation’s service members. This annual student assembly is to pay tribute, celebrate, and raise awareness of their sacrifices.

A Veteran, and long-time contributor to the assembly, Mr. Utah Hamilton passed away this year. The family of Mr. Hamilton donated his cane and hat to the school that he loved dearly. The students set out a chair with his hat and cane for students to pay tribute to Mr. Hamilton for his service to our country and their school.

The students used flags, provided by Carry The Flag, for their live presentations and displayed them throughout the school. They had two veteran guests of honor from the Iraq War and the Korean War to speak about their experiences and how others can serve their communities. The event featured performances from the Ranger band, as well as the Wallace Choir, Mariachi groups and the school’s dance team.

Learn more about Veterans Day and how you can give back to those who served and sacrificed for our freedoms.