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Armed Forces Day


  • What is Armed Forces Day?
  • What day is Armed Forces Day celebrated?
  • What day did Armed Forces Day replace and why?
  • Who officially made Armed Forces Day a national holiday?


As a group, review and discuss the pdf provided and the questions above. Discuss how this day is different from Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Have the group discuss why it is important to celebrate our military service members. Name the branches that the holiday honors.

Download (PDF)

Additional Activities

Attend one of the many events in cities across America including parades, military service displays, educational exhibits, luncheons, motorcycle rides, run/walk races, and much more. Also, since Armed Forces Day is not a federal holiday, many military installations are available for public viewing for those wishing to take part in the celebration or to learn more about our country’s military.

More ways to celebrate

  • Wear red, white, and blue
  • Fly the American flag
  • Thank a man or woman who serves or has served
  • Talking with or writing to a military member

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