Black History Month Feature

Patriotism in the Days before Civil Rights

Let one family’s story inspire you to deeper discussions around civil rights and patriotism, and how we can remember and honor heroes who may have experienced prejudice while dedicating their lives to our country. View our Monthly Feature to download the activity lesson plan and video.

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Invite a Speaker

Let your students learn directly from a veteran or first responder and hear first-hand what it’s like to serve our country. Invite one of our distinguished national heroes to talk to your class or group via Zoom or an in-person visit to your school or club.

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Honor a Hero with a Tribute

The mission of Carry The Load is to honor and remember all those who have served and sacrificed for our country. We rely on people like you to tell the stories of your heroes and carry their name forward. Submit a tribute to honor your loved one today.

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Help support our work and fund the resources we provide by purchasing items from our shop. Wear our Carry The Flag collection with pride to show your patriotism and support our non-profit and the many ways we assist veterans and first responders.

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Group Guides

Participate in our fun activities program for groups

Below you will find suggested activities to get your group started. The program is designed to be flexible. Do one, do them all, or choose from any of our free resources to get started inspiring patriotism in your community – and don’t forget to claim your certificates when you are done!

Please contact us at to receive Carry The Flag certificates for your group (or participants). Thank you!

We suggest that you begin each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and a moment of silence to honor our nation’s heroes. Carry The Load is more than happy to provide stories of our heroes (if requested).

Other topics to cover…

  • Discuss expectations for your group and set-up a daily/weekly schedule for teams to raise and lower the flag.
  • Review flag etiquette video and information provided by Carry The Load for students to rehearse.
  • Discuss #BeTheFlag projects and community service project ideas.
  • Share #BeTheFlag videos.
  • Invite a veteran to speak to the group on a topic related to what the Flag means to them.
  • Select one day of each week to wear red, white, and blue.
  • Coordinate with your school to lead the Pledge of Allegiance during morning announcements and share a short statement of what America means to you.
  • Identify a local hero (military service member, veteran, or first responder) who died in service of their country.
  • Write a narrative about your hero and submit their story to Carry The Load via our storyboard submission form.
  • Your storyboard will be displayed at future Carry The Load events in honor and remembrance of your hero.

Plan a group community service project and prepare for your #BeTheFlag presentations.

  • Create a presentation of #BeTheFlag that illustrates what the Flag means to you or your group (i.e. honor the history of the Flag, respect the Flag in your Community, educate others through your acts of patriotism).
  • Select a date and invite parents, friends, mentors and/or community leaders to listen to your presentation(s).
  • Host a Carry The Flag event and share your creative presentations.
  • Ask attendees to vote on winners for submission to Carry The Load.
  • Submit student names and participating service hours to Carry The Load at by May 1st to to receive program certificates.

Check-out our Carry The Load Memorial May events near you to see which ones you may be able to attend as a group.

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