National Relay FAQs

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The National Relay is an event that consists of five routes that cover 20,000 miles across 48 states. Carry The Load’s Relay Team walks daily, advancing the American flag to Dallas, Texas throughout the 29-day Memorial May campaign. People of all ages can join as we pass through their community to honor and remember our fallen heroes.

Yes, we strongly recommend you register so that you can be counted as a part of our mission. Registration is free of charge and allows us to show our impact.

Please consult our route guide prior to the Relay coming through your city to ensure you have the latest route information. The route guide will provide you with where each leg begins and ends, how long each leg is, and the time of departure for each leg. We ask that you arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to the listed time of departure.

Yes, the Relay will always start on time, rain or shine and depart at the listed time as shown on the route guide. Only in the case of extreme weather (tornado, etc.) will there be a delay or potential cancellation of a leg. Please visit Carry The Load’s Twitter page for potential real-time inclement weather updates.

Yes. The Relay is a family friendly event so we encourage you to bring your whole family out to walk with us.

Pets must be on leashes at all times and are permitted on most walking legs as well as at most exchange points. National cemeteries do not allow pets on cemetery grounds, with the exception of service animals. Please be sure to consult our route guide to make sure the segment you plan on joining us for does not begin or end at a national cemetery if you wish you bring your pet.

You will need to pre-arrange your own method of transportation to return to the starting point of your walk. We recommend utilizing a ridesharing app or bringing a friend and parking a vehicle at both the starting and ending point of your walk.

No, fundraising is not required to participate. Funds raised help provide healing of the mind, body, and soul of our nation’s warriors.

No. This is a family friendly event and all ages are encouraged to participate. We do ask that minors under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult.

You can join us at any exchange point and visit with the Relay team as well as cheer on those who are walking. You can also join us at any Community Event location. Every shout, clap, and stride helps us honor and remember our nation’s heroes.

There are five regional routes you can join (see detailed route guides below), beginning on April 29th, and culminating on May 26th with our Dallas Memorial March.